Sunday, June 14, 2015

"The Chapleau Boys Go To War" presented to Cranbrook Public Library

The Chapleau Boys Go To War now has a place in the Cranbrook Public Library following  presentation of a copy to chief librarian Ursula Brigl.

Accompanied by  Ron McFarland a World War II veteran who served in the Royal Canadian Navy,  and Bill Nightingale who served 33 years in the Royal Canadian Air Force,

I presented a copy to Ursula,on behalf of my co-author Michael K McMullen and myself,

To have Ron and Bill take time to attend the presentation, made it especially meaningful, even though they are not "Chapleau Boys", officially, they represented all of them, and all who have served Canada in our nation's armed forces. Thank you so much!

Terry Burgess, treasurer of the Friends of the Cranbrook Public Library, made the arrangements for the presentation, and Ursula Boy, president of friends of the library also attended. Thanks Terry and Ursula.
Bill, Ursula Boy, MJM, Ron, Terrry (Joel Vinge photo)

Thanks to Joel Vinge for being the official photographer.

On a personal note, I have lived in Cranbrook just on 26 years now, and am so delighted that the library agreed to add The Chapleau Boys Go To War to its collection. I often visit Rotary Park here and spend time looking at the names on the Wall of Honour and the Cenotaph from Cranbrook and area who served in the armed forces. Every time is a visit home to Chapleau too.

I am reminded that it is so important to focus on those things bringing us together in this nation, rather than those dividing us. Thanks Ron and Bill.
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