Sunday, September 27, 2015

Friday Morning Coffee Club holds birthday party for Joseph 'Joe' Cross

Terry, Mark, Joe Cross, Bob, Peter
Friday Morning Coffee Club helped one of its members, Joseph (Joe) Cross, celebrate his birthday at its last meeting.

The usual rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday' greeted Joe -- with a bit of an exception as Joel who usually leads the singing, was away.

Joel was apparently off at a high school reunion so Bill, Ron and Peter, led us in the tribute to Joe. Thanks guys. You did a great job. 

Jim, who looked after getting the birthday cake, came through again, despite a bit of a problem at first cutting it -- Turns out it was frozen, but delicious.  Jim was also official photographer. Thanks Jim.

Gordon was telling us that he heard of another coffee club with "branches" in several communities. 

Although we have no immediate plans to franchise FMCC, for those who do now know us. we have been around two and a half years, starting in the Starbucks at Target, and moving to White Spot, after Target left.

We are a very informal group of friends, some of us did not know each other well when we started, but that quickly changed. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!!! All the very best to you for the next year!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Living with animals 'pure unconditional love without limit', according to Mayan Gabbay

By Mayan Gabbay

Our connection with animals is not something we can explain in words, it's an established connection from the deepest part of our hearts- a pure, unconditional love without limit. 

To grow up with a dog as a part of our family was the best gift i could have had as a child. I wish for more and more people to understand the happiness and importance of living with animals, especially during childhood. 

It is happiness without cost,unlike computer games, TV, alcohol or drugs, a boundless joy that fills us with energy and zest for life. In Hebrew, animals are called ''with life'' and it is not a coincidence. Animals really are full of life and exist purely to live.

Mayan Gabbay lives in Israel. Mayan is a health, wellness and fitness consultant, and enjoys an active lifestyle.

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