Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Making peace by "...overcoming lies with truth and by overcoming evil with good"

Maybe, just maybe, I thought as I mused about  Stephen Harper placing members of Canada's armed forces in harm's way in foreign lands, I should share a few words about war, spoken in 1948 at a Remembrance Day service. I decided to do so.

 Harper seems desperate to have Canada involved in a war -- any war, and more scary, it seems he wants us there for potential political gain as the Conservatives face an election they may very well lose.. Never before in my life have I thought for a moment that a prime minister would so blatantly pursue such an action. .

The following are not my words as I was only seven years old at the time, but I was at St. John's Anglican Church in Chapleau when they were spoken by the Rev. Canon H.A Sims, the Rector, a veteran of World War I.

It is a message that rings as true today as it did three years after the end of World War II, not just for the prime minister and politicians, but for all who would contemplate war or participate in wars today.

Canon Sims said:

"There is not the slightest necessity for civilized men to destroy their civilization in warfare. Nothing is settled by warfare which could not be better settled in some more reasonable, humane and decent way.

"Warfare is caused by men  who have allowed the spirit of the devil rather than the spirit of God to determine their thinking.

"Peace does not come through wishing for it or through praying for it: peace comes only from those who make it; who work harder at making peace than men working at making war.

VI was at the church that night with my family because a memorial prayer desk was being dedicated in memory of my father, Flying Officer James E Morris, who was killed on active service in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1943 during World War II.

In his incredible book, 'The Ordeal of Total War', Gordon Wright tells us that Sir Winston Churchill once commented that the effects of World War II, will be felt by those affected by it for at least 100 years. Trust me, Churchill was right. I am just shy of 74, and have lived with that war every day of my life.

Every time I hear of the death of one of the member of our armed forces, or for that matter police officers, firefighters, and other first responders, my heart goes out to their family and friends. I know. I care and I understand.

Be careful prime minister and members of parliament. The consequences of your actions will be felt for a very long time. My email is mj.morris@live.ca


  1. How about sending it to Harper and others on the hill

    1. I have been circulating it. Feel free to share link... thank you


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