Thursday, July 23, 2015

'Chapleau Boys Go To War' added to Military History Research Centre collection at Canadian War Museum

Lara Andrews, Michael McMullen
The Canadian War Museum has accepted a copy of The Chapleau Boys Go To War, by co-authors Michael K. McMullen and Michael J. Morris.

Michael McMullen announced that "We are pleased that the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario has accepted the donation of our book  The Chapleau Boys Go To War." 

"One of our objectives was that our book be used as a reference for further research by others," Michael said.

"Besides personal use, having the book available in libraries, schools and museums will contribute to this objective," Michael added, speaking on behalf of his co-author.

The  book has been catalogued and added to the Military History Research Centre’s library where it will be available for consultation by staff and the general public.

Michael McMullen presented book to Lara Andrews, Librarian, Military History Research Centre, Canadian War Museum.

The Chapleau Boys Go To War is  the story of the contributions and sacrifices made during World War 1 and World War 2, at home and abroad by the people of Chapleau.

The Chapleau Boys Go To War is available on, and Kindle, Key words: chapleau boys war. In Chapleau it is available at Chapleau Village Shops  My email is

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