Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Living with animals 'pure unconditional love without limit', according to Mayan Gabbay

By Mayan Gabbay

Our connection with animals is not something we can explain in words, it's an established connection from the deepest part of our hearts- a pure, unconditional love without limit. 

To grow up with a dog as a part of our family was the best gift i could have had as a child. I wish for more and more people to understand the happiness and importance of living with animals, especially during childhood. 

It is happiness without cost,unlike computer games, TV, alcohol or drugs, a boundless joy that fills us with energy and zest for life. In Hebrew, animals are called ''with life'' and it is not a coincidence. Animals really are full of life and exist purely to live.

Mayan Gabbay lives in Israel. Mayan is a health, wellness and fitness consultant, and enjoys an active lifestyle.

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