Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Finding "60 bucks" in pockets of dress pants led JR Wallace to Act of Random Kindness

JR Wallace
 Finding "60 bucks" in pockets of dress pants led to an Act of Random Kindness.

When JR Wallace, a young model and entrepreneur who lives in Texas went to the drycleaners recently to pick up his dress pants he was surprised,

Here is JR's story which appeared on Facebook,

JR wrote: "The lady who does my dry cleaning found 60 bucks wadded up in my Calvin Klein dress pants. When I picked them up she had the money clipped to the pants."

JR's action:

"The fact that she was honest and didn't take the money absolutely floors me. Any other employee would've taken that money gladly like it was never there!!!

"So enjoy that $60 tip sweetheart, Happy New Year."

I was able to reach JR and he explained further why he gave her the money

"I did it because well she works very hard. She's an older woman who's family left her the business when they died. Very sweet woman and probably doesn't receive many tips."

And he added: "As much as I needed that $60 I figured she could use it herself."

Never fear JR. What goes around, comes around. I am sure you will be rewarded for your Act of Random Kindness. Happy New Year!!

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